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Which Bob Marley tour is better? 

Bob Marley is considered one of the absolute titans of world music, known for his thrilling reggae melodies and strong attachment to political and social justice. Marley was born in Jamaica in 1945. His Jamaican heritage inspired his music; he had an extremely successful career until he died tragically of malignant melanoma in 1981. Until now, he has been a cult talisman for this colorful Caribbean nation, and tourists can still visit some Marley themed attractions in Jamaica. 

Bob Marley Museum, Kingston 

The Bob Marley Museum is located in the capital, Kingston. The museum is housed in Marley’s former home, which was also the original studio of the famous Tuff Gong label founded in 1970 by Marley and The Wailers. Here, the infamous attempted assassination attempt on Marley was unsuccessful in 1976, causing him to be wounded but not dead. The Jamaican Government declared this museum a national heritage protected in 2001. The tour includes an insight into the platinum Marley CD collection, original press clippings and authentic stage costumes, you  even have access to Marley’s bedroom and kitchen.  

Remove some time from your running and swimming to give proper respect to a melodic legend. Situated in Kingston, this historical center possesses the previous home of Bob Marley. Inside, you’ll see individual ancient rarities, Marley’s own chronicle studio and his room, among different features. Make certain to snap a couple photographs by the encompassing wall, decked out in Rastafarian “ice, gold and green” (or red, yellow and green).  

Remember that this site can get occupied, which made the experience disillusioning for a few. All things considered, others said their visit guides made Marley and his music come to life. 

Bounce Marley Experience & Theater, Montego Bay  

Tourists can likewise look at the Bob Marley Experience and Theater in Montego Bay. This 68-seat theater includes a complete narrative film on the life and work of Marley. The performance center has cooling, a wonderful reward for those hoping to get away from the sweltering evening sun in Montego Bay. Following the screening visitors have the choice of scrutinizing the performance center’s blessing shop, loaded with memorabilia and trinkets. Truth be told, this blessing shop positions as the biggest assortment of Bob Marley trinkets on the planet, as per Visit Jamaica.  

Nine Miles (Bob Marley Birthplace): 

Come and see where Bob Marley, legendary reggae king was born in the village of Nine Miles Street. Ann February 6, 1945. And where he was buried in the mausoleum, you can touch May 21, 1981. Nine Mile is owned and managed authentically by the Bob family. Many come from far to visit this quiet village to experience and sensitize Bob’s beginnings. 

Nine Mile is where Bob’s journey began and influenced many of his songs. The quiet hometown of Bob offers visitors a truly wonderful tour of Bob’s birthplace (the original birthplace), the natural areas where he grew up and where he spent most of his time meditating on the “mountain”. Zion Rock. ” Nine Mile offers a bird’s-eye view of Bob’s birth, life and resting place, and the environment was a solid foundation that influenced the music and legend of King Reggae. 

Bounce Marley Mausoleum, Nine Mile  

Another intriguing fascination is the Bob Marley Mausoleum. Situated around an hour and a half from Ocho Rios in the modest town of Nine Mile, the Bob Marley Mausoleum acquires reggae fans from around the world. Nine Mile was the site of Bob’s introduction to the world, and it currently fills in as his last resting spot. The fascination comprises of a catacomb and a two-room bungalow, which was at one time Marley’s youth home. The cabin overflows with family treasures, and the catacomb is set up so you can see Marley’s real tomb. A little blessing shop sells memorabilia nearby. 

Final Words: 

The Bob Marley Tour takes you up to 14 km, a charming little village in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann in Jamaica, where thousands of Bob Marley fans every year make pilgrimages to pay homage and place of birth, and last To experience the peace of King Reggae Place. 

 Our Reggae adventure with Bob Marley begins with a hotel or cruise ship. 

From Ocho Rios, Nine Mile is an hour and a half drive through the village and a journey that will take you to a part of Jamaica that few tourists appreciate. 

Our breathtaking ride to the Graceland of Reggae begins with a tour of the famous Fern Gully, where we wander uphill through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Ocho Rios. 

Our journey continues to the Jamaican countryside, enjoying the sounds of Bob Marley and admiring the rural villages in the hilly landscape of Jamaica. When you arrive at Nine Mile, you’ll discover the area and home that influenced Bob Marley to write lyrics for his most famous songs. 

Your trip starts with a walk around the same house where Bob lived as a small child. 

Your Rastafarian guide tells stories from Bob Marley’s childhood and musical career. 

Our Nine Mile Bob Marley tour is a tour for die-hard fans of Bob Marley and for those seeking a better understanding of a young man whose music and vision have helped change the minds of people around the world. 

His music and message were global, and his premature death made him a legend and an icon. On the way back to Ocho Rios you can go shopping or visit the local chicken center, where you can enjoy an authentic lunch of chicken, pork, rice and peas. Robert Nestor Marley talked about simple ways of living in the countryside. He spoke about peace, respect and freedom. These are the values ​​and qualities that were passed on during his youth in a small mountain village, which is still called Nine Mile. Love and a great Jamaican adventure. If you’re a fan of Bob Marley, don’t miss it. 

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