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Planning a holiday to Jamaica?

Jamaica is the land of legends such as Bob Marley and Usain Bolt to name a few. Jamaicans are proud and spontaneous people who are never shy about a starting a conversation. The country where you can dance to reggae music all day and all night long. Where you can spend your days on paradisiacal beaches or explore its green lushes mountains. Jamaica has more waterfalls than you have time to visit. Jamaica is a versatile and special holiday destination that a lot of people have discovered and a lot more are yet to discover! Travel specialist Karin, who has been living in Jamaica for years, gives you tips for making the most of the island. 


Jamaica is especially popular with beach lovers and sun lovers. Do you see that idyllic picture with an azure blue sea, a snow-white sandy beach, a few waving palm trees and a clear blue sky? That’s Jamaica! The northern coast at Port Antonio has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Frenchman’s Cove is a quiet and somewhat romantic beach. At Long Bay Beach and Boston Beach, it is possible to surf in addition to swimming. Those who don’t like surfing should definitely visit Boston Beach: here you can taste the delicious jerk chicken, one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica. 


What many people don’t know is that Jamaica is one of the greenest islands in the Caribbean. This not only attracts the beautiful beaches, but also the fresh green nature to Jamaica. For example, you can climb the Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios. If you go early in the morning you are ahead of the crowds. Another – less known – place where you can climb waterfalls is Irie Blue Hole, a few kilometres from Ocho Rios. You can also discover the beautiful nature from the water, with a trip on a bamboo raft. This is called rafting in Jamaica, but actually, it is relaxed rafting. 


Jamaica’s nature is fantastic, but what makes a trip to the Caribbean island really special is an introduction to the people. On the street, in the restaurant, on the beach: everywhere you go Jamaicans sing the popular songs of the legend Bob Marley. They often even use the texts in a conversation. They are all too proud that this world-famous musician was born and raised in Jamaica. Jamaicans are never in need of a conversation. In addition to talking, they also enjoy listening to other people’s stories. About places in other parts of the world, but also about places visited in Jamaica. Although Jamaica is quite compact, some people have never left their home village. 


The motto of the Jamaicans seems: if you take care of us, then we will take care of you. But what exactly do they mean by this? If you go home with great experiences, you tell good stories to people at home. You might even persuade people to book their next vacation to Jamaica. Because tourism in Jamaica is starting to flourish, the local economy is also getting a boost. The Jamaicans want you to leave the island with a good feeling and they do everything to make that happen. So don’t be surprised if a stranger on the street asks you if everything is going well. There are no annoying ulterior motives behind this because he or she genuinely wants to know if everything is going well for you. 


What about safety in Jamaica? Many people think that this Caribbean island is too dangerous to travel around. But nothing is less true. Jamaica is a destination where you are met at the airport by dancing merry taxi drivers, where people on the street constantly ask you if everything is going well for you, where no one is in need of a chat. Most travellers who have visited Jamaica have never felt unsafe for a moment.  

Of course, there is a chance that you will be harassed or robbed. But actually, that chance exists just as well in your own country. Here are the tips that apply to most travel destinations: don’t take expensive things with you when you walk the streets, don’t wear expensive jewelry and keep a camera out of sight when you don’t want to take pictures. 

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