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Best time to holiday in Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular destination for a sunny holiday. The Caribbean island is not only tropical hot but also quite humid. This naturally results in lush greenery. Due to the tropical savannah climate, Jamaica has a dry period and a rainy season. Although it is always nice and warm on the island of Rum and reggae, some periods are better suited to a vacation than others. 

In  Jamaica, the weather is nice all year round. So you can always go on holiday to this Caribbean island. It is always warm and fairly humid, which results in beautiful green nature reserves. Because the country has a dry season and a rainy season, there are periods that may be less pleasant than other periods. We found the best travel time for Jamaica for you. 


The rainy season of Jamaica runs from May to November, where most of the rain of the year often falls in May, June, September and October. These showers often do not last an entire day and the sun then dries everything up quickly. In the rainy season the chance of severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tropical currents, is also greater than in the rest of the year. Therefore always check the current situation and weather forecasts in Jamaica before you leave. 

Whether you are looking for culture, a special long-distance trip or just planning an active holiday: you want good weather when you travel. That is why it is useful to check the current outlook for Jamaica in advance so as not to be surprised by bad weather conditions. 

Do you want to know what the climate and weather forecast are in Jamaica? Below you will find the average temperature and rainfall per month so that you know whether you should count on rain or shine. This way you will always be prepared for your trip.  


Jamaica is hot all year round. It is warmest in the rainy season, in which the average temperature is a maximum of 30 degrees. In the dry season, December to April, it is on average 28 degrees. The seawater is also nice and warm, so you can always swim. Because Jamaica is an island, it can blow a bit in the coastal areas. This ensures a nice cooling in the warm sun. The wind usually comes from the northeast. 

The dry season lasts from December to April. That is also the period that counts as the best travel time for Jamaica. The temperature is pleasant during the day and around 28 degrees, the water is also nice with an average temperature of 27 degrees. Keep in mind that it is always moist in Jamaica, so it can feel rather clammy, especially in the interior. Along the coast, there is a cooling trade wind but in the forests, it is too sheltered for that. That is something to take into account for excursions and activities. 


The dry season is also the high season of Jamaica, it is busier there than in the rest of the year. The island is full of tourists, especially at Christmas and Easter. In addition, the prices of restaurants and hotels in Jamaica are also higher in high season. A disadvantage of a holiday in the offseason can be that hotels sometimes offer less service. In that case, it is smart to inform the hotel about this in advance.  

Best travel time 

Jamaica is always the right place for the warmth and you can lie on the beach all year round. Do you not like rain and do you want to avoid tropical storms? Then go in the dry season, between December and April. Keep in mind that it can be busier and the prices are a bit higher than in the rainy season. But you get the best in return. 


Although Jamaica is in an area with fairly high hurricane activity, the chance of a hurricane with a destructive power is rather small. Most hurricanes that hit Jamaica have already been watered down because they first moved over to another island. But a major storm is of course possible. The hurricane season lasts from June to the end of November, with the chance of a hurricane being greatest in the months of September and October. 

However, even in the rainy season, the weather can be very pleasant. The rain falls in the form of refreshing, short (but often heavy) showers, while the rest of the day is just very nice weather. But especially during the months of August, September and October, you have a good chance of tropical storms and sometimes even hurricanes. If you want to go on a honeymoon to Jamaica or you want to get married in Jamaica, then you should better avoid that period. 

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