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Best places to visit in Jamaica

If you say Jamaica, Bob Marley is directly on your retina, including rasta, reggae and a lot of weed. You can taste the ‘don’t worry be happy’ vibe on the entire island, from the pearly white beaches to the rough inland. Not ‘one love’, but you certainly want to experience ten loves firsthand. 
  1. Dunn’s River Falls
Near Ocho Rios, the waterfalls of Dunn’s River are one of the most famous attractions in the country. Climb the limestone on your own or together with a guide. Due to the strong current, some caution is required. Don’t forget to look around you, because the views with the rainforest by your side are fantastic! 
  1. Dolphin Cove
Is ‘swimming with dolphins’ on your bucket list? Then this is an unmissable spot during your vacation to Jamaica. At this beautiful location, you will meet dolphins in their natural habitat. Cuddle (carefully) and play with these beautiful animals and learn about their everyday habits. Dreams do come true! 
  1. Montego Bay
When you need sun, sea, sand with the facilities of a bustling city within reach, you are in Montego Bay. The third-largest city in Jamaica has a vibrant nightlife, offers tax-free shopping, is known for beautiful beaches and is a true water sports paradise. Dive into the Widowmaker’s Cave during the day and drink a cocktail in the ‘Pier 1’ bar in the evening. Cheers! 
  1. Green Grotto Caves
The north coast of Jamaica is also charismatic underground. The largely undiscovered labyrinth of mystical caves with unique rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites served as a shelter for the Spaniards in the 17th century and was used as a smuggling route in the 20th century. Look out your eyes and don’t be frightened by the bats! 
  1. Mayfield waterfalls
Two bizarre beautiful waterfalls, 21 natural swimming pools, lots of exotic flowers, plants, birds, butterflies and wildlife make the Mayfield waterfalls in the Westmoreland area a special day trip. The calm water in combination with the jungle-like environment brings you closer to nature. Tip: wear water shoes, because the stones can be quite slippery. 
  1. Blue Mountains
Marvel at the fabulous Blue Mountains area, which stretches for 45 kilometres northeast of Kingston, the Cinchona Botanical Gardens and the Hollywell National Park. Take a full-day coffee tour from the capital, scout for several days into unspoilt nature or take a night walk to the Blue Mountain Peak, which is the highest peak at 2,256 meters. At the end of a tough journey, you will be treated to an enchanting sunrise. An experience that you will remember for a long time. 
  1. Kingston
The cultural and economic heart of the island can be found in the capital Kingston. The city offers a nice mix of history and hipster affairs. Old buildings, street markets and art museums alternate in the city centre. Uptown, on the other hand, is modern and flashy. Visit the National Gallery of Jamaica, the Bob Marley Museum and come to yourself in the National Heroes Park. As in any major hub, it can be quite busy. Embrace the chaos and shuffle to the sounds of this musical city. 
  1. Reggae Beach
To the east of Ocho Rios are beautiful beaches hidden under cliffs. Reggae and Boscobel Beach are the best known. The combination of white sand, blue water and romantic views create an unforgettable tropical paradise. With on-going entertainment from Jamaican dancers, drummers, exotic singers and artistic acrobats you will experience the laidback culture here at its best. 
  1. Rio Grande
You can raft on the wide river the Rio Grande with a raft over the beautiful waters of Jamaica. Be guided through the rugged rainforest during a two and a half hour trip. A local ‘captain’ shows the way. Along the way you take a refreshing dip and have a traditional lunch. A breathtaking experience! 
  1. Bob Marley Mausoleum
In addition to enjoying the sensational natural beauty, a tribute to musical hero Bob Marley should not be missed. Between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, you visit the birth and burial place of the legend in Nine Mile. The handwritten notes on the interior walls of the house show how great he was among the people. Put it on your agenda as the first-morning activity, so as not to be among a mass visit of cruise shipgoers! 

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